What you may be experiencing  

Grief is an emotion that can come with loss. You may have lost a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may be feeling the loss of the life you once had.  

People who are grieving may experience complex emotions like feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, anger or sadness, numbness or confusion.  You may notice changes in your appetite, mood, energy level, or sleep patterns.  

What you can do 

Get comfort and lean on others during this challenging time. 

Create a routine. 

Following a routine can help you maintain a sense of order and purpose and help you focus on things you can control. Try to keep a regular sleep schedule and maintain a healthy diet. 

Consider ways to honor your loved ones. 

  • Take small steps to remember and celebrate their life, keeping with your faith or cultural traditions. You could:  
  • Participate in a socially distant celebration of life ceremony or one that can be conducted online. 
  • Make a photo album of memories or take part in another tradition that feels right for you.   
  • Create an online dedication page that honors your loved one's life.

Seek help from a professional if your grief becomes overwhelming or feels unmanageable.