What you may be experiencing  

These days you may feel frustrated, stressed or overwhelmed.  You may have a shorter fuse than usual. That’s okay.  

Anger and irritability are common emotions in response to stress. Loss of control and predictability or worries about meeting basic needs can all contribute to feelings of anger. Sometimes feelings of sadness and anxiety come out as anger.  

You may get easily irritated or angry at your partner, children, friends, co-workers or neighbors in ways that are not typical for you.  

What you can do 

Take a calming breath.  

Even a five-minute break can make a difference. 

Acknowledge how you are feeling. It is okay to not feel okay.   

Take time to care for yourself. Consider simple strategies to reduce stress like exercising and making time for rest.   

Create a daily routine to increase feelings of control. 

Prioritize healthy eating habits, sleep and exercise whenever possible.

Monitor your social media use and limit time on news.

Too much media can increase feelings of frustration and anger. 

Seek help from a professional if your anger becomes overwhelming or feels unmanageable.