Video Description: This video shows actress Melissa Joan Hart outside talking to her cell phone’s camera to record a selfie video.


Video Transcript:

Melissa Joan Hart:

Hey, guys. How's everybody doing?

Most of us will say fine, but it's okay to not be fine.

I mean, right now, I know for me, I did, what, 13 weeks of lockdown with homeschooling and trying to stay busy and missing hugging people.

Now, I've been working for the last 10 weeks. It's, am I doing the right thing? Am I going to bring something home to my family? W

e have to wear masks all the time. It's just a new normal. If you're not fine, if you're really not fine, or even if you're not sure if you're not fine, talk to friends, talk to neighbors, talk to family, and you can also go to HowRightNow dot org forward slash talk and you can get some support on how to be more fine than you might be or think you are. All right. HowRightNow dot org forward slash talk. You know, if you're not fine, go there. If you are fine, good for you, but go there, too.